North Cove, Wash., founded as a tourist destination in 1884, is one of the fastest-eroding U.S. coastlines, losing roughly 150 feet of land per year. The Pacific Ocean is projected to engulf the area by 2050 if left unchecked. The fates of homes, businesses, cranberry farms and fisheries hang in the balance.

However, the residents of North Cove refuse to give up without a fight. MediaLab at Pacific Lutheran University tells the story of residents, the tribal community, and farmers as they rally against the waves to save what’s left of their town.

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David Cottrell

Chairman of Pacific County Drainage District number 1 & WECAN Member

David is a cranberry farmer and the lead on the erosion control efforts in North Cove, WA. His family has been in the area for about a hundred years

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Mike Nordin

Manager of the Pacific and Grays Harbor Conservation District 

Mike is a Pacific Lutheran University graduate and former oil industry worker. He is currently the Vice Chair of the Pacific County Marine Resource Committee and a member of the Willapa Bay Lead Entity for salmon recovery.  


Connie Allen

North Cove resident & Head of the Wash Away No More organization 

Connie founded the Wash Away No More organization that has raised over $20,000 to buy rock to replace the eroding coastline. She also works as a farm hand alongside David on the cranberry farm. 



MediaLab is an award-winning student media organization at Pacific Lutheran University. Established in 2006, it is made up of a select number of students that work with clients to provide a range of services including: advertising, marketing, online media, photography, graphic design, copywriting and editing, event planning, and videography. MediaLab members also produce documentaries annually. The documentaries produced by MediaLab cover a wide variety of topics including diversity, environmental issues, and politics. This year’s MediaLab documentary team seeks to explore North Cove ("Washaway Beach") and the impacts that coastal erosion has on the residents of this Washington town.




Garrett Johnson


Helen Smith

Chief Editor

Siobhan Chachere

Senior Producer

Mylie Miller

Chief Publicist

Hanna McCauley

Artistic Director

Hallie Harper

Director of Photography

Armanda Dupont

Lead Photographer

Dr. Robert Wells

Executive Producer

Dr. Kate Hoyt

Executive Producer


2020 College Emmy Awards Nomination

Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Recognition - Student Documentary Short


National Film Festival for Talented Youth -Oct. 24-27 2019 

Friday Harbor Film Festival Oct. 25-27 2019


Public Premiere of

Living on the Edge

Saturday, April 27th, 2019 at 3 p.m.

Washington State History Museum

1911 Pacific Ave

Tacoma, WA 98402


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